Character Creation Guide

This guide will step you through the process of creating a character for the “Serpent in Shadow” campaign. You should read this entire guide before you create your character. In preparation for character creation, you should install the Wizards of the Coast Character Builder. If you do not have a Dungeons & Dragons Insider subscription, you can install the Character Builder Beta for free and create a character up to level 3. You can download the Character Builder at:

A tutorial on using Wizards of the Coast’s Character Builder is beyond the scope of this guide. You can find help online at the forums or email the dungeon master for assistance.


Your travels in Tiranel began with an arduous journey across the Endless Ocean. Your character has already repelled the predations of titan creatures from the Endless Ocean, survived outbreaks of disease and weathered mammoth storms. As a consequence, create your character starting at level 3.


Every character should create a background. This is your chance to affect the course of the campaign before it even begins. If you need help coming up with a background, read the background guide. When you get to the background step in the Character Builder program, you can only choose backgrounds from the general category. Pick the background most closely related to the background you have written to your character. If none of the backgrounds in the Character Builder program, choose the the background with the skill bonus most related to the background you have written.


The “Serpent in Shadow” campaign will involve extensive travel through land controlled by the Damori Empire. Your race will greatly affect how you will be treated by the non-player characters you meet. You can safely play any race contained in the Player’s Handbook 1-3, the Eberron Player’s Guide, Forgotten Realm’s or Dragon Magazine(except Gnoll.) If you absolutely must play a monster race, be prepared to write an extensive background and expect to have to sit outside of towns that bar entry to your character or attempt to kill you on sight.

Damori society is openly stratified by class. Damoris believe that social order must be kept to maintain civil society. In practice, this leads to a great inequality delineated by race. Each race is touched on below in the hierarchical order:


Eladrin make up the majority of the ruling class in Damor society. The term “high blood” is reserved exclusively for eladrin. They are extremely proud of their heritage. They believe refinement, culture and social order are the hallmarks of great civilizations. Eladrin can have titles. Royal titles are reserved exclusively for Eladrin of a certain lineage.


The ruling elite consider elves, half-elves and humans to come from a closely related blood line. The term “good blood” is reserved for these races. They are treated as near equals and it is common for them to have titles, though they are barred from holding noble titles.


Though the Damori and Dwarven Empires compete fiercely in trade, their nations have been at peace for many years. Dwarves are greatly respected for the business acumen and the exquisite craftsmanship of their trade goods. Though it is rare, dwarven ex-patriots have pledged their allegiance to the Damori Crown and have even held titles.


The vast majority of other races are regarded as unwashed and uncultured. The term “low blood” is commonly used to refer to this group. Characters of these races will never be granted titles unless they can pass themselves off as a member of a race of higher blood. Members of these races may be indentured servants, but rarely slaves.


Minotaur and warforged are encountered daily in Damori life. They are commonly employed as body guards, laborers and hirelings. It is not uncommon to find them in bondage. They are considered to be inferior races. They will not receive equal treatment under the law. Damori citizens will not respect the opinions of these races.


The wounds caused by the atrocities of the Second Age of Dragons are still fresh in the consciousness of Damori society. The unfortunate dragonborn, originally created by dragons as a servant race, have now been enslaved by the dragon’s vanquishers. Dragonborn are referred to derogatorily as “serpents.” It is common to encounter dragonborn slaves in daily Damori life. An emancipated dragonborn will have a difficult time traveling without extensive paperwork or posing as a slave. Dragonborn cannot expect fair treatment from the law. Dragonborn are not permitted to eat in the same establishments as other races. A Damori citizen may take offense if a member of this race makes eye contact or acts without extreme deference.

Character Creation Guide

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