Choco Leibniz

Hungry like the... cheetah?

Choco Leibniz, level 3
Razorclaw Shifter, Druid
Build: Predator Druid
Primal Aspect: Primal Predator
Background: Geography - Forest (+2 to Nature)

Str 10
Con 13
Dex 15
Int 10
Wis 20
Cha 8

Str 10
Con 13
Dex 13
Int 10
Wis 18
Cha 8

AC: 16 
Fort: 12 
Reflex: 14 
Will: 17

HP: 40 
Surges: 8 
Surge Value: 10

Nature +13
Heal +11
Perception +11 
Endurance +6

Acrobatics +4
Arcana +1
Dungeoneering +6
History +1
Insight +6
Religion +1
Stealth +4
Thievery +2

Druid: Ritual Caster
Level 1: Toughness
Level 2: Enraged Boar Form

Druid at-will 1: Grasping Claws
Druid at-will 1: Call of the Beast
Druid at-will 1: Pounce
Druid encounter 1: Darting Bite
Druid daily 1: Savage Frenzy
Druid utility 2: Skittering Sneak
Druid encounter 3: Call Lightning

Adventurer's Kit
Hide Armor
Ritual Book
Javelin (3)

Animal Messenger
Create Campsite
Water Walk
Portend Weather
Traveler's Camouflage

====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&DI Character Builder ======

Well she’s running to the hills again
Can you tell me if she’ll ever return
She must be mother natures child
Cause she’s runnin’ to the call of the wild
She’s talkin’ to the trees again
Tellin’ me that she’s one of them
Lookin’ at the bird in the tree
Though she’s never gonna notice me

From the song “Colossal” by Wolfmother


Choco was born into a society bent on survival, where even members of ones own tribe are potential predators. While outsiders interpret this as a savage existence, Choco’s tribe consider it necessary. In nature, only the strongest and fittest survive. Anything other than the most fit are considered a burden and could cause the death of the tribe. Children born with defects are cast out and left to die in the wilderness. The elderly who can no longer care for themselves or offer any benefit receive the same treatment.

From the time they can walk, the children of her tribe participate in ritual fighting, to the death, or near death. This ritual fighting occurs during the solstice celebrations. This ensures children experience the full cycle of nature from an early age. It also ensures only the strongest and fittest children survive. If a child does not have a strong survival instinct or will to live, they will be a burden on their tribe.

Children are raised by the elderly until they begin to exhibit their natural talents, usually around age 6. At this point, they are passed on to an adult who is both an ideal mentor for their natural talents and is also willing to raise them. If a child does not find a suitable adult to raise them, they may be forced to raise themselves.

Becoming a Druid

Experiencing death from an early age allowed Choco to come to terms with the natural cycle of nature. With her affinity for the natural world, she realized that life is also a part of this cycle and as a child became fascinated with plants and animals and the healing arts. Choco found her mentor in one of the elders of her tribe who was also a Druid and from whom she learned to master primal magic.

Civilization Encroaches

As a young child, Choco rarely saw anyone from “civilization”. Sightings became more frequent as she grew older. The growing population of cities in the area were starting to encroach on Choco’s tribe’s territory. Large portions of their forest were burned down for farmland. Because Choco’s people did not understand the ways of the cities, their right to the land was neither negotiated nor recognized. Some tribal members retreated deeper into the woods bordering on the territory of their Elven neighbors, while others were forced into city life when violent encounters ended with capture, imprisonment, and often death.


In Choco’s 13th year, a meeting was held at the solstice festival to discuss the tribe’s future. It was decided that while the Elves would likely allow a small portion of the tribe sanctuary, the others would need to find a new place to settle. The tribe discussed the situation with the Elves and they agreed to offer sanctuary to a small portion of the tribe. The rest of the tribe would split and find new places to settle.

Choco and her mentor, with their druid training and reverence for nature, were offered the opportunity to go with the Elves. She stayed with the Elves for 3 tumultuous teenage years.

Life with the Elves

Choco had a difficult time adapting to the Elven ways, as their culture and mannerisms were so different from her own tribe. To escape, she transformed into her beast form and disappeared into the forest for days at first, and eventually weeks.

While she learned a lot from the Elven Druids, she had a difficult time respecting them. With Choco’s origins already so close to the beast, her love of the beast form concerned them greatly. They told her stories of the first Druids who took to beast form so frequently that they became beasts and forgot their prior higher origins. They repeatedly told her, a druid takes the shape of a beast not to become an animal, but to learn to see the world from a dual perspective—that of an animal and that of a person.

Choco believed her people regarded the beast form as one of the most sacred druid skills. She stubbornly refused to listen to the Elves and to her own Razorclaw mentor (who she felt had gone soft with being around these Elves), none of whom she felt understood her. She dreamed of returning to her people and the old ways.

Setting Off On Her Own

In Choco’s 16th year, her 3rd with the Elves, some members of the tribe who had split off came for the solstice. The original group that left to find a new settlement had split due to differences in what the natural order was for their tribe. The group that stayed insisted they must evolve with the change in their environment and chose to find a place in a nearby rural farming community. The others disagreed and wanted to continue the old ways. They set off for a New Land.

One night, Choco slipped away to the community where her tribe had settled. While she was shy and very introverted, she gradually warmed up to rural inhabitants like farmers and herders through the healing skills she offered to them and their animals. After a short time, she grew disenchanted with her people, feeling they had gone soft and lost their will to live. Eventually she left the community seeking the wild refuge of the forest and hoping to catch up with the others who revered the old ways.

The Present

Choco has spent the past 4 years traveling, learning the ways of civilization, and aiding farmers until she earned enough money for passage to the New Land. She is ready to find the rest of her tribe and return to the old ways.

While she is determined to return to the old ways, over the past four years she has slowly begun to understand that a druid must stand at the center of all living things, seeing in each the purpose it serves in the order of the world. Her savage upbringing still influences her perspective and her tendencies lean toward a “kill or be killed” philosophy. As she evolves as a druid, she must realize the truth in the order of the world, and that death isn’t always the only outcome.

Choco Leibniz

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