Serpent in Shadow

Session 4

Chapter XI. What they found in the cave.

The adventurers entered the cave and found a young iron dragon fighting a group of goblins. The dragon was partially bound but quickly slipping its bonds. There was also a bag hanging from scaffolding near the entrance. Choco cut it down and a dwarf fell out of the bag. The party entered the fray, attacking the dragon and goblins simultaneously, and emerged as the sole victors. The dwarf introduced himself as a cleric named Harbek. The cleric has taken a serious blow to the head and has amnesia. The party was able to recover some of the dragon’s loot from crates in the room and rested briefly.

Chapter XII. How the adventures came to befriend the White Dog.

As the team emerged from the cave, they found themselves encircled by hundreds of goblins. The goblins regarded the party with a mixture of awe and fear. They parted to allow passage. Before the party cleared the tribe, an older goblin warrior rushes toward the group shouting something to the other goblins. The goblins begin to whoop and holler. Unexpectedly, the goblin speaks in common and tells the adventurers to come with him. The party doesn’t seem to have much of a choice and the throngs of goblins surrounding them push them on toward their camp. They reach out and touch their hair and clothes. The goblins seem to be especially impressed by the exquisitely crafted symbol of Moradin hanging from Harbek’s neck.

The party is ushered into a goblin tent near the center of town. They are offered a seat and a long pipe. The chief, Mamset, speaks through the help of the goblin warrior known as Walking Hand. He commends their bravery in battling the dragon and wants to talk peace. He asks the adventurers to send word to the Damori (who they refer to as Smooth-talls). The peace talks will happen at the Talls Pines, a cluster of trees that stand high above the surround forest halfway between Mamset’s camp and New Laeeth.

Chapter XIII. How they found war in New Laeeth.

The adventurers stumble back to camp rather than risk staying with the goblins. They return to town to find a massive war effort being assembled. The streets are thronged with mounts and equipment. The adventurers make it back to the Armory and tell the captain about the peace talks. The captain seems uninterested. The party rests for the evening.

Day 5

The party awakens and resupplies in town. Mycroft registers with the Mage’s Guild. The party meets with the captain again. After discussing with his men, he decides to meet the White Dog at Tall Pines to discuss the terms of their surrender.

Chapter XIV. Parlay at Tall Pines.

Two factions of the White Dog have already made their camps near Tall Pines. Mamset’s people who roam the areas east of the city and Falling Grass’ people who inhabit the area west of the city. The captain’s contingent makes camp and the captain asks the party to speak with the leaders at each camp before the meeting.

The party quickly learns the differences between the two camps. Mamset’s camp is more interested in peaceful coexistence. Falling Grass’ is more interested in collecting tribute for access to his lands. Before the talks even get started, Falling Grass attacks the party and nearly kills them before they escape. Captain Maclay declares war.



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