Serpent in Shadow

Session 3

Chapter VIII.: In the service of Her Royal Majesty.

Day 4

In the morning, the adventurers were assigned new equipment. Mycroft was put in charge and given a special amulet that would allow them to communicate with high comand. Then, they reported to Master Sargeant Barnes. The recruits were put through several training drills relevant to their scouting mission. In the end, Barnes approved of the new recruits skill level. They were granted leave until the evening when the mission would commence.

Chapter IX.: How the adventurers passed time in the town.

The party promptly split up and performed errands about New Laeeth. Jack and Lenore headed towards the Devil’s District to see if they could sell or duplicate the pilfered city pass of the dead wagon driver, Ashlin. The duo was interogated by Tenrik, the gnome miscreant, and his dragonborn thugs. He purported to bear a message from someone known as “The Fat Man”. “The Fat Man” demanded the return of the money paid out for the botched mission at the Lusty Merman tavern. Jack insisted they had carried out the mission exactly as described. Tenrik and his henchman mugged the two adventurers and an angry mob ran them out of the district.

Meanwhile, Mycroft paid a visit to the Mage’s Guild seeking to register as a magic user. He succeeded in convincing the clerk that he had complied with the local laws and registered at the port of entry, but his registration was lost. The clerk took his monthly dues, 100 gold pieces, and spoke of the services of the local guild chapter. The clerk also informed him that certain services might be requested of him in the future.

Choco spent her time resting in the park near the city’s center. She caught sight of the bloated corpse of her former mentor, Chakatta, still hanging in the town square.

Chapter X.: What they saw in the White Dogs’ land.

The time had arrived for the reconnaissance mission to begin. The party was escorted out of the city on foot and led to a clearing a mile northeast of town. The team was instructed to carefully proceed toward the mountains to the north and report back the positions of any goblin camps.

After a few hours, the party stumbled into a group of goblins. They attempted to sneak up and ambush them but accidentally walked into a snare trap. The group quickly dispatched the goblins. Choco found the trail they had come by and traced it back to a large cave at the base of the mountains. Sounds of battle, roaring and screaming goblins could be heard coming from the cave. A group of terrified goblin warriors can running from the cave. The party hid as they ran past jabbering wildly and headed east. Choco sighted distant camp fires in the direction the warriors were running.

Mycroft reported back to the command. The captain insisted the team investigate the cave. It could be an opportunity to strike at the goblins when they were in a weak position. The adventurers fought into the cave entrance. The goblin sentries and their war dogs fell after a hard fought battle. The party moved toward the gates as the roars and screams grew louder. An arc of lightning shot through the air, blasted the wall and sent a shower of rocks falling to the floor.



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