Serpent in Shadow

Session 1

Chapter I.: How the boat was attacked and calamity was escaped.

Day 1

After several months at sea, land was finally in sight. The ship, Good Fortune, sailed for several days toward the the city of New Laeeth in the Unknown Continent. The adventurers, Lenore, Jack, Choco and Mycroft, were not commited to, but learned of several opportunities in New Laeeth.

Brandlin Dolnet, a stout elf, offered them employ serving her Majesty’s Royal Guard. “200 gold pierces and a roof over your head,” he said. “Just ask for Jace Maclay at the Armory. Tell him Brandlin sent you.” Immediately after, a paranoid, rakish gnome approached the party with an offer too lucrative to refuse. Deliver a scroll tube to the Lusty Merman, a tavern on the edge of the Devil’s District. The instructions were to sit at the table closest to the hearth and wait for another patron to ask the time at which time the tube was to be handed off. The payment was no less that 500 gold pieces. Half now and half at the time of delivery. Vows and items were exchanged and the gnome skulked off into the periphery after warning Mycroft not to register as an arcane spell caster in New Laeeth. Then, a comely young lass, named Corigan Goodfellow, told the adventurers of the need for guards and convoy escorts at the Longson Mining Company. “If you decide you’re interested, report to Longson’s in the Market District. Don’t forget to tell them Corky sent you.”

Shortly afterward, a sea titan beset the ship and killed a quarter of the crew and passengers. The adventures were able to swivel the harpoon on the bow. A direct hit to the beast’s cavernous maw sent the creature sinking back into the depths of the sea. During the battle, many were killed, wounded or missing. The captain was seriously wounded when one of the masts fell over. The alcoholic second mate, Boyd Kaussen, charged Jack the Boatswain with rallying the crew. Jack quickly organized the crew and scuttled the damaged mast while the other party members tended to the dead and dying. Boyd thanked Jack for his assistance and set a course for New Laeeth.

Chapter II.: The adventurers arrive in New Laeeth—What they saw there.

The Good Fortune docked in New Laeeth and the adventurers moved through the processing lines quickly. The registrar asked for name, occupation, city of origin, current address and whether they were a caster of arcane magic. The party members answered as follows,

Jack -  Mark, Sailor, Helm's Breath, no address, no
Mycroft - Mycroft, Knight of Grey, no address , no
Choco - Choco, Veterinarian, parts unknown, no
Lenore - Lenore, Dead hunter, Gloomrot, no

The city square was situated directly across from the docks. A great commotion arose from the square and the area was choked with throngs of townsfolk. The party witnessed the hanging of an aged shifter for treason. The shifter was an elder of Choco’s tribe in Damor known as Chakata. Chakata mentored Choco in the druidic arts. When the shifter dropped from the gallows, she dropped an object that rolled into the gutter. Choco was able to recover the object. It was a large seed that Choco knew was sacred to the elders of her tribe. The elders were secretive about what was special about this seed. Choco secreted the object and approached the gallows.

She requested the corpse for a proper burial. Her request was met by the officiate of the execution, Gedron Li’ilen, with many probing questions. After giving her name and learning the body would hang for one week and then could be requested at the Armory, Choco melted into the throngs of onlookers. Jack approached and asked Gedron the nature of the druid’s crimes. The druid was discovered in the governor’s house by the Royal Guard. The druid refused to give a reason for being there, but under torture by the Inquisitors revealed she was secretly working with dragons intent on undermining the Queen’s rule.

Chapter III.: How the adventurers lost the scroll.

After some unpleasantness with the locals, the party set forth for the Lusty Merman to deliver the scrll tube. Jack took the scroll and sat at the table nearest the hearth while the rest of the team seated near the door looking for any signs of danger. After several hours a mysterious hooded figure entered and took a seat at Jack’s table. Without lifting his hood, the person asked, “Do you have the time?” Jack handed over the scroll tube and the hooded stranger dropped a fat bag of coins into Jack’s palm. Jack noticed the person was wearing a gold ring with a red starburst pattern on it. The stranger walked quickly out the door. The purse felt light in Jack’s hand. He opened the bag and discovered the bag was filled with silver coins (250 sp.)

Just then, a short hooded figure entered the tavern, approached Jack’s table and asked for the time. The party tried to explain someone else had taken the scroll as they scurried out the front door. The scroll thief was no were in sight. Lenore released her familiar into the air. The raven spotted the thief and cried, “In the alley! In the alley!” The group rounded the corner and raced down the dark alley that lead into the Devil’s District. They caught a brief glimpse of a cloak as it disappeared around the corner.

As they reached the end of the alley, a brawny, hulking drgaonborn stepped out to block the way. “You don’t belong in these parts,” the thug said in a peculiar, halting and raspy voice. “Drop your purses and you can go unharmed,” another gruff voice croaked from behind the adventurers. The adventurers made the ruffians aware of their intention to retain their purses and battle ensued. During the course of battle, the adventurers overheard the dragonborn refer to each other as Migs and Wiesel. Numbers ruled the day and the hooligans were routed, but not before expending several sunrods. Choco made quite a display of rending flesh from bone. The party stripped their foes of their valuables which included: a vial of bloodstinger poison, chainmail armor, a heavy flail, wildrunner boots, a magic greatspear +1, a potion of healing, a ritual book containing 10 levels of rituals and a heavily worn suite of scale armor.

The trail of the thief had grown cold. The adventurers decided to stash the bodies in a garbage bin and go back the Lusty Merman to spend the night. After a colorful exchange with the proprietor, Choco decided to leave the establishment, climb a drain pipe and sleep on the roof. She lay on her back, gazing at the stars and imagining she was in the forest.



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