Serpent in Shadow

Session 10 (I just randomly picked a number)
Zombie Apocalypse!

Mycroft made some magic armor—

In the morning Cpt Maclay’s manservant leads us to the office. Four heavily armored guards stand in corners of room. Breastplates polished to mirror sheen and helmets topped with vermillion plume.

Jack and Mycroft do a history check and succede. Looks like the Damori elite guard. We enter the room and see more of the same guards. A guard closes the door and stands blocking the exit.

A spindly elf in fancy robes turns and smiles at us. “I’m gov Mum Ra, sup?! Yo u guyz pwnded thoz dudez it wuz rad.” “hi i’m mycroft. asl?” “Oh hai u b grey goblins lol”

Maclay says “zomgz u guys r00l. go 2 post and pwn moar dudez”.

Semenal’s port 3 days travel to west. Cargo ship can take you. Port city.

I’M on a BOAT

“hai hai plz 2 b makin urselfz at home”

I’m saaaaaailing awaaaaaay…...

Day 1: chillin Day 2: smokin all the opium….

“whut b this port liek?” “it iz teh sux u b bored. if j00 see mah bitch myrna say thur sent u. no goblinz or nothin. i got to get back to werk ttyl”

Day 3: Town in the distance!
Single ship in the harbor. Jack wants dibs.

Jack wants to spy on the people. Via telescope he sees normal redneck assholes.

We get off at the harbor. Get on longboat and in town. Straigh ahead to west, town that looks like center of city with a big building.

Mycroft “lf gubment?!”

HENDRICK HOWSE (inn/tavern) with 7-11 across the street

We go INN to the INN in search of Theven.

Table full of drunk men are playing turd skull. Woman behind the bar with a mullet and looks like a bull dog. She’s got green skin (orcish).

We all stay. Choco climbs up on the roof. To the north Choco sees a chapel, storage, and a 7-11.

We report in via the iPhone Medallion. “u seen teh guardz?” “no guards :(” “plz 2 b finding teh guardz kthxbye”

Jack: “i b lookin 4 ruinz, where they be at yo?”
Myrna: “Damori guardz b kickin it at tha ruinz. Blacksmith makes them fat lewtz. I been on vaycay but just got back. These guyz here suck. I b cracking nutz if they start shit”
Rowdy Peeps: “Buy us drinks biatches”
Jack: “Myrna get them pisswater it’s like what they drink anyways”
Rowdy Peeps: “we don’t drink piss. Myrna line up the good stuff it’s on our friend.”
Jack: “I’m not your friend”
Rowdy Peeps: “Who do you think you are? Don’t know know who we are?!?”
Jack: “i’m just a guy you tried to get to buy you a drink. Maybe I’d buy your mother a drink I hear that’s the way to get her knickers off”
Rowdy Peeps: “Yaaarrrrghghgh!! we’re the scourge of the ten seeeeeas!!!”

Rowdy Peeps: Shuug night and Flegg the Smegg

Choco Grasping Claws some dude in the FACE
Mycroft pushes dude into table and knocks him prone.
dudez pull out crossbows and attack jack. 1 hit.
Dude hits lenore for 8 dmg
The hula hoop champion stands up
Lenore’s turn! Dude with lantern kicks in the door.
dark skinned human with grizzly scar busts in “WTF?!?”
Myrna busts over the bar with a club.
Choco is like fuck you i pwnz. dude tackles her to the floor and knocks her down. she stands up and is like “rawwwr”. shifts to human form and shifts back.
Jack stealths behind the bar but he knocks shit over getting there.
Brigands drop weapons. “hey we’re just chillin yo wtf we is gangsta”
Myrna sez “these pirates started it.” Guard dude turns to pirates and is like wtf
Sounds of hooves and horses and dudez dismounting.

Guards are posting signs. Watchman says they are stationed at the ruins. Poster is a wanted poster. Officer unrolls parchment “hear ye hear ye. entire town be under quarantine. no one may pass in or out until further notice” officer scans room as if looking for someone then heads out into street.

WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE – 2,000 GP – Gnome with big ears

Jack “scuze me ocifer!”
Dude “get in the bar y0 you haz cooties”
Jack (high diplomacy check) “whassup with tha quarantine”
Dude “u b civilian, it’s a s3krit”
Jack “i b townsguard!”
Dude “who sent u?”
Jack “Maclay!”
Dude “oh shiet. what u want 2 know?”
Jack “who is this dude?”
Dude “filthy gnomeses must die, keeeeel him!”
Jack “what he do?”
Dude “stuff. can’t talk now. speak to my boss”
Jack “who?”
Dude “Markol Farkool. j00 must help thx 2 yr l33t skillz”
Jack “kk np”
Dudes left, we have to keep dudes inside.

choco is on the roof keeping watch smokin bluntz
dudes are in the inn drinking courvassier and peeps be chillin

Sherrif Shreeve “no one’s going anywhere on my watch I’ll have Farkoolz soldiers on you in a second”

war horn (thx nick for sound effects)

Dwarven sailor: “look!” barely discernable figures seen. Dwarf jumps through the window.
Myrna bars door.
Stumpy makes it almost to the docks before being tackled by a bunch of creaturs and squeeling like a little girl while being devoured by creatures.

Sherriff is liek help me dudez. Shrieking and crying can be heard all around.

Myrna runs to bar and tells Jack to follow her…. if he wants to live.

Mycroft stays downstiars.
Tells sherif, “yo we shd go up stairs yo.”
sherif “stand down suckaz, i ain’t no fool”
Mycroft “fuck you sucka foo i’m out”

Chapel is radiating white light.


Sailors throw a dude out the window and he gets et. They run for the docs while the zombie is distracted. We decide to go north via building jumping like some kickass freerunner ninjas.

<<meta>> DM shows cover of adventure and Aug starts singing “Port of No Return” to the tune of “Point of No Return” the cheezy exposay song.

Jack makes the jump but Lenore and Choco fall and land on their butts.
Zombie attacks Choco for 8 necrotic dmg
Zombie attacks Mycroft for 12 necrotic dmg
Zombie attacks Lenore for 8 necrotic dmg

Jack secures the grappling hook and takes a pot shot.
Choco calls lightining and kills 3 zombies. 4 attack her for 12 dmg. Shifts into beast form.
Mycroft kills 4 zombies.
Lenore runs for rope and succedes climb check.
A zombie moves out of the call lightning zone and dies.
Jack takes a pot shot and misses.
Choco uses Darting Bite and takes out a zombie. Succedes Athletics check and climbs up rope. Shifts to human form.
Lenore shoots a zombie in front of Mycroft and hits.
Mycroft attacks a zombie with booming blade and misses. Moves to rope and takes attacks from zombies. takes 4 necrotic damage. Climbs rope.

Party moves across the rope.
Jack takes double move.
Lenore takes double move.
Choco moves and uses Call of Beast to kill 1 zombie.
Short rest.

Zombies climb up to roof.
Jack jumps and falls.
Mycroft feysteps and throws a rope down.
Choco jumps and falls short but takes no damage.
lenore jumps and falls short

5 zombies attack Jack and none hit. 3 zombies attack Choco and one hits. 4 zombies attack Lenore and two hit.

Choco uses Roar of Terror to pwn 13 zombies. Jack runs for the rope and takes 2 opportunity attacks and one hits Lenore climbs up the rope but misses the first time.

10 zombies attack the wall, 5 succede, building shakes a little bit. 8 attacks against choco, 24 dmg holy shiet!! Lenore makes a basic range attack and misses Mycroft makes a basic range attack and misses Mycroft jumps and squashes a zombie. Choco uses second wind and razorclaw shifting Choco climbs, zombie attacks and hits, she falls. Moar zombies attack Choco nobody can save her heeeeeelp!?! Jack heals Choco. Mycroft kills 13 zombies. we pwned 46 zombies. 500XP each!!!!!!!!!

Session 7


Session 6

Chapter XXI. How the party secured a king’s ransom

The temple chamber fell silent, but the low hum of the stone altar. Jack tentively poked his blade at the large dragon brain, twitching on the cold, stone-tiled floor. It didn’t move. “Put a fork in her. She’s done,” Jack proclaimed and starting tossing the room looking for loot.

Harbek took a swig from his flask. “That altar,” he croaked, “is an abomination unto Moradin.” He hefted his maul above his head and brought it down with a mighty smash. Sparks and a shower of crushed rock erupted from the impact. Choco joined in the assault. In short time, they had cracked the altar in several places. Arcs of blue energy crackled in the air and the humming sound died out.

Mycroft scanned the bookshelves around the room, looking for ritual books and useful research. The majority of the tomes were penned in a draconic-looking script and were unreadable by the mage. The swordmage did locate a black leather book that radiated powerful magic. The script was entirely in the draconic script, but the many diagrams revealed it to be a book of rituals.

The stone floor tiles were pulled up on the southern edge of the dome. Picks and shovels were carelessly scattered around a recently dug hole. Jack cautiously crept into the opening and discovered a chamber filled with crates. He called the others over and they began prying open the boxes. Jack peered into the crate and saw the glint of gold. Jack tipped over the crate and gold coins spilled to the floor. Mycroft plunged his arm into another crate and pulled out a fist full of astral diamonds.

Suddenly, the sound of scuffling boots and shouts came from the chamber above. A familiar voice could be heard above the din. “You, men. Search this chamber.” It was Captain Maclay. Jack and Mycroft began stuffing their pockets with gold and diamonds before the captain appeared at the mouth of the tunnel with Lenore by his side. “By the Queen, I was afraid we’d never see you again.” The captain turned to his men. “I claim this treasure in the name of the Queen.” The captain ordered his men to pack up the treasure and books and deliver them to New Laeeth. He assured the party they would receive an ample reward once the treasure had been properly cataloged.

Chapter XXII. The party learned of the lizardmen’s assault

The group recounted the events of the last day. The captain told his own terrible tale. New Laeeth had been assaulted by an army of lizardmen. They had completely decimated the eastern wall in a surprise attack and looted a portion of the Market District before being driven back. Captain Maclay led the pursuit. The lizardmen had come through this area no more than a few hours earlier. The captain ordered the party to track the lizardmen back to their lair and report back the location while the Royal Guard secured the ruined temple’s treasures.

The reunited party set out on the trail of the lizardmen. Choco was able to easily find the tracks of many clawed feet and the deep ruts of their siege equipment. The tracks broke up as they approached a river delta. The preponderance of tracks followed the river to the north.

Chapter XXIII. How the lizardmen were caught unaware

Week 4, Day 6

After a day’s travel, the group reached the end of the trail. A dark hole concealed by high reeds on the side of a muddy riverbank. Lenore suggested sending her raven into the entrance, but the druid had a better idea. Choco transformed into a mouse and scurried through the reeds. The passageway branched ahead, but there was a room full of guards in a chamber just off the entrance. She brought her friends in and the group burst into the entry, surprising the guards. The lizardman sentries attempted to signal the others with their alarm rope, but Harbek stymied their attempts. The sound of the battle attracted the attention of the lizardmen in the next room, who threw back the curtain to rush into the battle. However, Mycroft had prepared a spell for this case. The mage set off a burst of arcane energy in the center of the new attackers. The blast crumpled half the attackers before the could move into the room. Choco furious claws brought down the rest. Jack and Lenore decimated the remaining guards. The guards had all been dispatched and the alarm had not been raised.

Session 5

Chapter XV. The Massacre at Tall Pines

Falling Grass sent his warriors to Mamset’s camp, but Mamset wisely refused to join the warparty and moved his camp further to the east. Falling Grass greatly overestimated the strength of his position at Tall Pines. The Damori encampment lay at a lower position inviting attacks at range and the savage chieftan expected to overtake Captain Maclay as easily as in his previous engagements with weakly defended mining camps. Captain Maclay’s service men, militia and mages rebuffed Falling Grass’ attack and pressed forward to the goblin camp.

The chieftan retreated, but Captain Maclay surrounded the camp before the evacuation was complete. The goblins refused to surrender and the camp was sieged. After a week, Mastersargeant led a final assualt on the weakened goblin camp. Man, woman and child were put to the sword.

An accord was reached with Mamset’s tribe to allow them limited access to the Devil’s District for trade. In addition, Mamset would be given a monthly allowance of provisions. Mamset argued the dams should be removed from his rivers, but agreed to non-interference. The chief also lent several of his scouts to Captain Maclay to pursue Falling Grass.

Falling Grass retreated to the north east with the remainder of his tribe. Mastersargeant Barnes led a force in pursuit with the assistance of a few of Mamset’s scouts.

Chapter XVI. Aftermath of Tall Pines. How the adventurers recovered

Week 4

The party felt a bit relaxed after working less stressful details within the city for the last 4 weeks. The original team members were able to get a position for Harbek after recounting tales of his heroism at the Armory. Each had drawn several weeks pay and healed their wounds.

Choco spent her time convincing Captain Maclay to urge the governor to divert some water to Mamset’s tribal lands. Captain Maclay finally suceeded on her behalf which greatly pleased Walking Hand.

Microft attended several lectures at the Mage’s Guild. Microft was enlisted by members of the guild to assist in the interogation and torture of a captured goblin. The goblin turned out to be a female from Mamset’s clan, named Sqwa’Pak. Microft tried to convince them she knew nothing, but the mages were unmoved. Microft asked to be left alone with the prisoner. The goblin entreated the swordmage to release her. When he told it it was not possible, she asked Microft to kill her, a request he complied with. When one of the guild master’s returned, he was greatly angered that Microft had tortured the goblin to death without learnign any new information. He gave Microft a vial of mysterious liquid and demanded that he put it in Mamset’s food when given the opportunity.

Harbek wandered the city looking for clues to his past. Hs memory still failed him though he had dim flashes that were somehow related to one of his ancestors. The cleric found the largest temple. The temple was dedicated to Melora. The architecture was tall with thin curved accents in the style of the Damori. Harbek approached the high priestess Helena and made a sizeble offering of coin. He told her some of his troubles. The high priestess informed him she knew of a dwarven settlement far to the east. She also commented on his accent which she believed has unique to the resident’s of Grimsdeep. As Harbek departed, the priestess offered the dwarf a brief prayer and a potion of healing.

Jack wandered the city sizing up various taverns, sometimes with Harbek in tow. He decided he wanted to open his own drinking establishment and put out word that he was looking for a place to rent or buy.

Chapter XVII. Kobolds, or a new menace emerges

Week 4, Day 5

Some of the captain’s guards saw the group wandering and sent them back to the Armory by Captain Maclay’s orders. The group returned to the Armory to learn that since Falling Grass had been driven north, a group of kobolds were stealing provisions from mining camps in the dead of night.

The party immediately rode out and investigated. Many things had started to go missing around the camp including picks, shovels, rations and refined residuum. Kobolds had been sighted in the area, sneaking around the edges of camp.

The party decided to lay a trap. They hid in the bushes at sundown and waited for the theives to appear. After several hours, a kobold appeared at the edge of the clearing. The kobold suddenly turned and ran, sensing danger. Choco rushed after the kobold and tracked it back to a ruined temple in the forest. The kobold ran into the temple, which sent the guards at the gate into a heightened state of alert. Choco hid in the bushes until her friends arrived.

Chapter XIII. How the party found the ruined temple and what happened beyond the gates

The party decided on a frontal assault on the ruined temple. The sentries sent up an alarm and several kobolds burst from the structure. The adventurers expertly pushed them back as they cut down their foes, one by one. As the party crossed the threshold of the ruins, a kobold trapmaster pulled a hidden lever. A huge rusty portcullis crashed to the ground sealing everyone in. The team redoubled their efforts dispatching another two kobolds. The last kobold dropped his weapon and begged for his life. Jack bound the prisoner and demanded to know how to raise the gates. After beating and reviving the foul creature severeal times, it finally relented and told them to go a certain pillar in the temple.

The adventurers crept further into the dark entrance with their captive in tow. Beyond the portal, there was a horde of kobolds holding a huge jar above their heads. The jar was filled with a murky dark solution. When they saw the group, they rushed down the hallway in the opposite direction. Dim blue light briefly flashed in the jar. Harbek saw something sloshing around in the jar before it disappeared around a corner.

Chapter XIX. Attacks on the mind, and how the adventurers prevailed

As the party entered the hallway the columns seemed to stretch out before them. They rounded the corner and saw another long hallway filled with tall columns. Suddenly, they heard a voice that seem to be speaking directly into their spines. “Turn back now.”

The columns began to burn with blue fire. A deep rumbling sound started and the ceiling began to sink to the floor. As the columns drew closer, Mycroft noticed they are actually compreised on small glowing cubes. The cubes drifted in tiny orbits. The cubes burned with blue fire and dripped a smoky acidic liquid. The cubes cracked and bled. Hot steam hissed from the gaps between the cubes.

Jack turned to demand answers from his prisoner but the kobold’s face was dripping from his skull like melting wax. The kobold jerked and made gurgling noises.

The angles of the room danced in and out of perspective causing everyone to feel sick to their stomach. The voice boomed again. “You can never hope to defeat me.” When the voice spoke again, it was in incoherent strings of verbs and nouns. Jack had an idea. He reached out for the wall and attempted to walk down the hallway to find an exit. IT seemed to be working until the party was halted by the appearance of an enormous beholder. The beast glared at them menacingly with its center eye. Jack kept walking forward and they eye disintegrated into a jumble of floating, cubes of blue fire. The cubes bounced out of the way allowing passage.

Chapter XX. Inner sanctum of the dragon’s brain and what they found there

The dizziness subsided and the party’s senses returned. The party entered a huge domed chamber with large stone shelves 20 feet off the ground. Dim moonlight filtered into the room from a crack in the ceiling. A huge star figure was carved into the floor. At every point stood a pillar topped with a large crystal shard. Dusty book shelves lined the walls. In the center of the room stood a rod and curtain concealing something. The low murmur of chanting could be heard.

Jack approached the curtain briskly and threw it back. Upon an ancient, stone altar lay a jar containing an enormous brain. The altar was surrounded by kobold guards. The chanting grew louder and the guards sprang into action with a cry. Suddenly, kobolds stood up from their hidden positions on the shelves above. A kobold beast master unleased a mass of rats from a trapdoor. The rat swarm rushed across the floor, up Harbek’s leg and began biting him all over his body in a feeding frenzy.

Microft released a blast of arcane energy, sending several obold guards to the floor. Just then, the chanting stopped. The brain jar flew twenty feet into the air and hovered. A blast of malignant energy shot from the jar and staggered Choco. The shifter’s face took on a twisted experession and she launched at Jack, tearing into him with her vicious claws.

The party continued fighting the kobolds and each other as the brain attempted to light each crystal in some sort of ritual. The last temple guard fell as the brain rushed to light the last crystal. Choco sprinted across the room, performed a flip off the bookcase and attempted to pounce on the brain from atop a bookshelf. She connected solidly sending herself and the jar to the floor twenty feet below. The jar smashed to the floor sending the brain sliding across the stone floor, twitching and bleeding.

Session 4

Chapter XI. What they found in the cave.

The adventurers entered the cave and found a young iron dragon fighting a group of goblins. The dragon was partially bound but quickly slipping its bonds. There was also a bag hanging from scaffolding near the entrance. Choco cut it down and a dwarf fell out of the bag. The party entered the fray, attacking the dragon and goblins simultaneously, and emerged as the sole victors. The dwarf introduced himself as a cleric named Harbek. The cleric has taken a serious blow to the head and has amnesia. The party was able to recover some of the dragon’s loot from crates in the room and rested briefly.

Chapter XII. How the adventures came to befriend the White Dog.

As the team emerged from the cave, they found themselves encircled by hundreds of goblins. The goblins regarded the party with a mixture of awe and fear. They parted to allow passage. Before the party cleared the tribe, an older goblin warrior rushes toward the group shouting something to the other goblins. The goblins begin to whoop and holler. Unexpectedly, the goblin speaks in common and tells the adventurers to come with him. The party doesn’t seem to have much of a choice and the throngs of goblins surrounding them push them on toward their camp. They reach out and touch their hair and clothes. The goblins seem to be especially impressed by the exquisitely crafted symbol of Moradin hanging from Harbek’s neck.

The party is ushered into a goblin tent near the center of town. They are offered a seat and a long pipe. The chief, Mamset, speaks through the help of the goblin warrior known as Walking Hand. He commends their bravery in battling the dragon and wants to talk peace. He asks the adventurers to send word to the Damori (who they refer to as Smooth-talls). The peace talks will happen at the Talls Pines, a cluster of trees that stand high above the surround forest halfway between Mamset’s camp and New Laeeth.

Chapter XIII. How they found war in New Laeeth.

The adventurers stumble back to camp rather than risk staying with the goblins. They return to town to find a massive war effort being assembled. The streets are thronged with mounts and equipment. The adventurers make it back to the Armory and tell the captain about the peace talks. The captain seems uninterested. The party rests for the evening.

Day 5

The party awakens and resupplies in town. Mycroft registers with the Mage’s Guild. The party meets with the captain again. After discussing with his men, he decides to meet the White Dog at Tall Pines to discuss the terms of their surrender.

Chapter XIV. Parlay at Tall Pines.

Two factions of the White Dog have already made their camps near Tall Pines. Mamset’s people who roam the areas east of the city and Falling Grass’ people who inhabit the area west of the city. The captain’s contingent makes camp and the captain asks the party to speak with the leaders at each camp before the meeting.

The party quickly learns the differences between the two camps. Mamset’s camp is more interested in peaceful coexistence. Falling Grass’ is more interested in collecting tribute for access to his lands. Before the talks even get started, Falling Grass attacks the party and nearly kills them before they escape. Captain Maclay declares war.

Session 3

Chapter VIII.: In the service of Her Royal Majesty.

Day 4

In the morning, the adventurers were assigned new equipment. Mycroft was put in charge and given a special amulet that would allow them to communicate with high comand. Then, they reported to Master Sargeant Barnes. The recruits were put through several training drills relevant to their scouting mission. In the end, Barnes approved of the new recruits skill level. They were granted leave until the evening when the mission would commence.

Chapter IX.: How the adventurers passed time in the town.

The party promptly split up and performed errands about New Laeeth. Jack and Lenore headed towards the Devil’s District to see if they could sell or duplicate the pilfered city pass of the dead wagon driver, Ashlin. The duo was interogated by Tenrik, the gnome miscreant, and his dragonborn thugs. He purported to bear a message from someone known as “The Fat Man”. “The Fat Man” demanded the return of the money paid out for the botched mission at the Lusty Merman tavern. Jack insisted they had carried out the mission exactly as described. Tenrik and his henchman mugged the two adventurers and an angry mob ran them out of the district.

Meanwhile, Mycroft paid a visit to the Mage’s Guild seeking to register as a magic user. He succeeded in convincing the clerk that he had complied with the local laws and registered at the port of entry, but his registration was lost. The clerk took his monthly dues, 100 gold pieces, and spoke of the services of the local guild chapter. The clerk also informed him that certain services might be requested of him in the future.

Choco spent her time resting in the park near the city’s center. She caught sight of the bloated corpse of her former mentor, Chakatta, still hanging in the town square.

Chapter X.: What they saw in the White Dogs’ land.

The time had arrived for the reconnaissance mission to begin. The party was escorted out of the city on foot and led to a clearing a mile northeast of town. The team was instructed to carefully proceed toward the mountains to the north and report back the positions of any goblin camps.

After a few hours, the party stumbled into a group of goblins. They attempted to sneak up and ambush them but accidentally walked into a snare trap. The group quickly dispatched the goblins. Choco found the trail they had come by and traced it back to a large cave at the base of the mountains. Sounds of battle, roaring and screaming goblins could be heard coming from the cave. A group of terrified goblin warriors can running from the cave. The party hid as they ran past jabbering wildly and headed east. Choco sighted distant camp fires in the direction the warriors were running.

Mycroft reported back to the command. The captain insisted the team investigate the cave. It could be an opportunity to strike at the goblins when they were in a weak position. The adventurers fought into the cave entrance. The goblin sentries and their war dogs fell after a hard fought battle. The party moved toward the gates as the roars and screams grew louder. An arc of lightning shot through the air, blasted the wall and sent a shower of rocks falling to the floor.

Session 1

Chapter I.: How the boat was attacked and calamity was escaped.

Day 1

After several months at sea, land was finally in sight. The ship, Good Fortune, sailed for several days toward the the city of New Laeeth in the Unknown Continent. The adventurers, Lenore, Jack, Choco and Mycroft, were not commited to, but learned of several opportunities in New Laeeth.

Brandlin Dolnet, a stout elf, offered them employ serving her Majesty’s Royal Guard. “200 gold pierces and a roof over your head,” he said. “Just ask for Jace Maclay at the Armory. Tell him Brandlin sent you.” Immediately after, a paranoid, rakish gnome approached the party with an offer too lucrative to refuse. Deliver a scroll tube to the Lusty Merman, a tavern on the edge of the Devil’s District. The instructions were to sit at the table closest to the hearth and wait for another patron to ask the time at which time the tube was to be handed off. The payment was no less that 500 gold pieces. Half now and half at the time of delivery. Vows and items were exchanged and the gnome skulked off into the periphery after warning Mycroft not to register as an arcane spell caster in New Laeeth. Then, a comely young lass, named Corigan Goodfellow, told the adventurers of the need for guards and convoy escorts at the Longson Mining Company. “If you decide you’re interested, report to Longson’s in the Market District. Don’t forget to tell them Corky sent you.”

Shortly afterward, a sea titan beset the ship and killed a quarter of the crew and passengers. The adventures were able to swivel the harpoon on the bow. A direct hit to the beast’s cavernous maw sent the creature sinking back into the depths of the sea. During the battle, many were killed, wounded or missing. The captain was seriously wounded when one of the masts fell over. The alcoholic second mate, Boyd Kaussen, charged Jack the Boatswain with rallying the crew. Jack quickly organized the crew and scuttled the damaged mast while the other party members tended to the dead and dying. Boyd thanked Jack for his assistance and set a course for New Laeeth.

Chapter II.: The adventurers arrive in New Laeeth—What they saw there.

The Good Fortune docked in New Laeeth and the adventurers moved through the processing lines quickly. The registrar asked for name, occupation, city of origin, current address and whether they were a caster of arcane magic. The party members answered as follows,

Jack -  Mark, Sailor, Helm's Breath, no address, no
Mycroft - Mycroft, Knight of Grey, no address , no
Choco - Choco, Veterinarian, parts unknown, no
Lenore - Lenore, Dead hunter, Gloomrot, no

The city square was situated directly across from the docks. A great commotion arose from the square and the area was choked with throngs of townsfolk. The party witnessed the hanging of an aged shifter for treason. The shifter was an elder of Choco’s tribe in Damor known as Chakata. Chakata mentored Choco in the druidic arts. When the shifter dropped from the gallows, she dropped an object that rolled into the gutter. Choco was able to recover the object. It was a large seed that Choco knew was sacred to the elders of her tribe. The elders were secretive about what was special about this seed. Choco secreted the object and approached the gallows.

She requested the corpse for a proper burial. Her request was met by the officiate of the execution, Gedron Li’ilen, with many probing questions. After giving her name and learning the body would hang for one week and then could be requested at the Armory, Choco melted into the throngs of onlookers. Jack approached and asked Gedron the nature of the druid’s crimes. The druid was discovered in the governor’s house by the Royal Guard. The druid refused to give a reason for being there, but under torture by the Inquisitors revealed she was secretly working with dragons intent on undermining the Queen’s rule.

Chapter III.: How the adventurers lost the scroll.

After some unpleasantness with the locals, the party set forth for the Lusty Merman to deliver the scrll tube. Jack took the scroll and sat at the table nearest the hearth while the rest of the team seated near the door looking for any signs of danger. After several hours a mysterious hooded figure entered and took a seat at Jack’s table. Without lifting his hood, the person asked, “Do you have the time?” Jack handed over the scroll tube and the hooded stranger dropped a fat bag of coins into Jack’s palm. Jack noticed the person was wearing a gold ring with a red starburst pattern on it. The stranger walked quickly out the door. The purse felt light in Jack’s hand. He opened the bag and discovered the bag was filled with silver coins (250 sp.)

Just then, a short hooded figure entered the tavern, approached Jack’s table and asked for the time. The party tried to explain someone else had taken the scroll as they scurried out the front door. The scroll thief was no were in sight. Lenore released her familiar into the air. The raven spotted the thief and cried, “In the alley! In the alley!” The group rounded the corner and raced down the dark alley that lead into the Devil’s District. They caught a brief glimpse of a cloak as it disappeared around the corner.

As they reached the end of the alley, a brawny, hulking drgaonborn stepped out to block the way. “You don’t belong in these parts,” the thug said in a peculiar, halting and raspy voice. “Drop your purses and you can go unharmed,” another gruff voice croaked from behind the adventurers. The adventurers made the ruffians aware of their intention to retain their purses and battle ensued. During the course of battle, the adventurers overheard the dragonborn refer to each other as Migs and Wiesel. Numbers ruled the day and the hooligans were routed, but not before expending several sunrods. Choco made quite a display of rending flesh from bone. The party stripped their foes of their valuables which included: a vial of bloodstinger poison, chainmail armor, a heavy flail, wildrunner boots, a magic greatspear +1, a potion of healing, a ritual book containing 10 levels of rituals and a heavily worn suite of scale armor.

The trail of the thief had grown cold. The adventurers decided to stash the bodies in a garbage bin and go back the Lusty Merman to spend the night. After a colorful exchange with the proprietor, Choco decided to leave the establishment, climb a drain pipe and sleep on the roof. She lay on her back, gazing at the stars and imagining she was in the forest.


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