Game Cancelled Fri Mar 19 and Fri Mar 26 and Firday Apr 2

Nick had to fly home to Miami for a family emergency. We can still do a game night or something instead if there’s interest. —Aug aka !(Ch)oco

“Serpent in Shadow” is a 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign set in the world of Tiranel two hundred years after the Second Age of Dragons. Great kingdoms have risen and have expanded their influence across the known continents. The two most powerful nations are the Damori Empire and the Dwarven Empire. Empires and smaller nations compete fiercely over trade routes, slaves and resources. The most precious resource is residuum, an arcane mineral that powers the magic conveniences of modern life. Most large deposits of residuum are already developed or depleted.

Recently advances in shipbuilding have allowed explorers to travel further into the Endless Ocean than ever before. Sailors have returned with fantastic tales of a strange, new continent populated by bloodthirsty native tribes and savage beasts. Queen Laeeth II of Damor immediately began sending expeditions to the Unknown Land.

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The campaign is 7 session old. Party members are not being recruited at this time.

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Serpent in Shadow

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